Design engineering

Any construction or modernization project begins with development of design and estimate documentation. Its quality influences achievement of project goals by the customer, safe and effective operation of construction projects. 

ООО UK RTS renders services in design and permit approval for construction and modernization projects: power transmission lines, trolley system, communication lines, civil engineering projects, and railway tracks.

For construction of track in accordance with the requirements of a particular customer, ООО UK RTS provides complete examination of design and estimate documentation submitted by the customer. Evaluation of the project technical feasibility is performed and optimization of the project execution is carried out with relation to time expenditures and costing.

When design and estimate documentation is not available, our experts can develop it for specific production objectives of the customer or be engaged as experts who, at the early stage, will help to reveal probable project complexity and to reduce its value.

We take upon ourselves to settle every matter related to the permit approval of the customer's project including permit approval of OAO RZhD.